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Yoga at Home

Yogi Etiquette

  • Arrive on time: Being in a hurry is already stressful, but rushing into a yoga class is stressful for both you and your classmates. Running into a class after it has already started is distracting for your fellow yogis. Be sure to arrive on time, giving yourself the minutes you need to check in, put away your items, roll out your mat, and gather any props you’ll need for class.

  • Remove your shoes: Yoga is practiced with bare feet, and shoes are kept in the lobby. Shoe removal is a sign of respect for the space. Socks can be worn in the studio during your practice. 

  • Unplug: Yoga class is a chance to escape the distractions we face in everyday life; offering you a rare chance to be fully present. Even by bringing your silenced phone into class, you're distracting yourself and those around you. Please refrain from bringing phones into the studio, and leave them in the lobby on silent. The front doors are locked for your safety when class begins. 

  • Embrace the quiet: Yoga studios are considered a space for reflection, self-study, and focus. Maintaining a quiet atmosphere supports this frame of mind. It's not only polite, but it is beneficial to your own state of mind. Please limit conversation to the lobby, finishing before entering the studio. 

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